Don’t Lie to your boss if you are in Social Networking !!!!!!

I love sharing my status to people and updates. I use to tweet more and I got this as an email warning from one of my friend and immediately I changed my accounts to be private and locked to public view and started a personal twitter account.(Confidential don't tell anyone)


SharePoint web service a Beginner guide

The post gives a basic Idea about the web services inbuilt with the SharePoint which can be used in other types of desktop application and Silverlight application. The SOAP request has to be sent in the web request body to get the response from the web service. eg: SOAP call for getting the WebCollection. "<?xml... Continue Reading →

Top Twitter Apps

Twitter is the most spoken word of the year 2009. I started tweeting only mid of this year but I love tweeting it shares the information both personal and the technical. The friends who follow you will be up to date.I don't have to call and check what are you up to ? This really... Continue Reading →

Chrome OS Review

Today I got a chance to preview Chrome OS and I would like to share the experience. Downloaded the chrome VM and loaded it on my PC. It didn't login at first and finally found the trick to use the login name chromium to login. Google Chrome OS focuses on three things Speed, Simplicity, Security... Continue Reading →

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