SQL Error Fix – “Login failed for user” error message when you log on to SQL Server First time after fresh install


I faced this issue when I installed SQL 2012 and SQL 2014 in an Active Directory configured machine mostly this will be the case for a typical developer machine where you configure all the services in one machine. While installing I did configure the mixed mode authentication with SQL + Windows. Provided the sa account that’s created in the AD. I did add the local administrator as SQL administrator. Installation gave some warning about AD configured on the server as a typical developer, I just ignored and installed, now the installation is complete. I got an error instance didn’t start in a timely manner.After fixing the service issue I tried to connect to the server and there comes the new issue of login failed. I tried with the administrator account and sa that we used while installing no luck and stuck with a service that no one is allowed to use.



I have mentioned the steps that helped resolved both the issues.

Service issue

To start the service we I have to set the service account.

  • Open the SQL server configuration manager


  • Select the instance that you installed and right click try to start the instance
  • If it works great else set the service account and that should resolve it


Login issue

  • The login that we are trying was not added or provided access when it installed.
  • We have to start the SQL in single user mode that will allow the local administrator group users to log in to the server, then add the user and provide access.


  • Stop the service if its running and add a startup parameter -m or -f to the startup parameter. (Microsoft article link)
  • Start the service try connecting with the local administrator or users from the administrator group
  • Go add the administrator and the sa account grant access. Follow the step by step instruction. (link)
  • Stop the service and remove the startup parameter. Start it again and try login with the sa account voila it works !!

Note: Dont forget to remove the startup param after fixing the issue.

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The solution for the issue would be to stop the service and clear the logs. Start the service back try to process the old click analysis. It should typically process those files and improve the link rankings.

Note: This will have an impact on the search results proceed with caution.


Backup the following locations to a different server or a drive.


:\FASTSearch\data\sprel\ (all folder below this)



Stop the sprel process deletes the logs, start the service back and run the SPRel process cmd and ensure everything works as expected.Test all the process in a Test environment before trying it in a live environment.

  1. Run the following command to stop the sprel process:
nctrl stop sprel walinkstorerreceiver
  1. Clean the data/sprel directory (Except config folder)
  2. Run the following command to start the sprel process again:
nctrl start sprel walinkstorerreceiver
  1. Confirm everything is ok by running the following command
spreladmin ShowStatus
  1. Start the processing by executing the following command
spreladmin StartProcessing
  1. Regularly check the status by executing the following command
spreladmin ShowStatus
  1. Once completed, status shows ready doing nothing: ensure the process is completed



we faced issue while incremental crawl. The following error popped up and due to this, some search results were affected.

The Content Plugin received a "Processing Error" response from the backend server
for the item. ( ERROR: PostProcessBatch failure in processor SPCIDStorer. 
Traceback (most recent call last): 
\\ File "SPCIDStorer.py", line 63, in PostProcessBatch \\ File "TableSender.py", 
line 111, in send \\ WindowsError: [Error 3] The system cannot find the path 
specified: 'E:\\FASTSE~1\\data\\sprel\\cidstorer_backup/*.*' \\ [17]

Fix: Create an empty folder :\FASTSearch\data\sprel\cidstorer_backup


The expectation is the logs shouldn’t grow at a rapid pace, the clickthrough archive should be processed and important the search service shouldn’t see any outage.drive>:\FASTSearch\components\resourcestore\generic\clickthrough (data pushed by the SP extraction job) should be empty if the process worked as expected. Monitor the process for a couple of days and ensure there are no errors.

Check the following location should be empty if the process worked as expected.

(data pushed by the SP extraction job)

Start an incremental crawl to ensure there is no impact on the results. Monitor the process for a week and ensure there are no errors in the sprel logs or crawl logs.

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